Happy New Year!

argyleYes it turns out you can play the drums if you can count and hit things. You can’t play well but that wasn’t the question. It’s also really important to practice.  My goal is to play drums on at least one fawm song this year. I haven’t spent all my time counting and hitting I have also been working in the shop. I have two really cool barn board mosaics that I am finishing and i have been working on more abstract 3  dimensional stuff too.

I am not a resolution kind of person but I do hope to expand my creativity in 2017 and use the things I learned, opportunities I was given in 2016 to keep progressing and adding to my show schedule and skill set.  I am also planning a year long project 365 days of peace. every day I will make a  different peace sign every day for a year. I posted the first one to  to twitter yesterday because word press was down when I had the idea and wanted to commit to the project.

when I first got into wood working I learned how to cut on a scroll saw by cutting out peace signs. it was a great way to learn inside cuts and outside cuts.  It taught me how to cut curves and straight lines. So this project is a return to my roots I guess.