The Silo

IMG_20151107_153153I have been working on lots of small projects, looking for local,craft shows, and coming up with new projects for the winter. I have a pair of shutters that I am thinking of turning into a bookshelf. They are pretty worn, which I like. Somebody painted them black once, but It wasn’t the right kind of paint so it’s peeling. Once I sand the rest of the black paint off I will clean it , then I wipe it down with mineral spirits. After I clean up the shutters  I IMG_20151107_203916will put a clear coat on it to seal it and prevent anymore paint from peeling. It won’t be a very big shelf. The shutters are only 3′ tall at most. It will only have three shelves, a top,shelf, a center shelf and a bottom shelf. i am still coming up with a material for the shelves. I have some old wood siding that would be perfect,but I just don’t know if I have enough.  I don’t know why but I have been thinking a lot about the silo we use to live in. It really sucks that it’s gone, but I have a piece of the silo in the workshop. It’s about 5′ tall and 3′ wide, it’s a section of the north west wall. The outside section has horizontal boards and the interior section has vertical boards.  I’ve had the piece since before the fire. The town made the owner put a proper egress window, and to do that they cut a section of the wall.  I kept it when we moved, I hoped to make something cool, but I am at a loss. I could make benches, a couple of tables, maybe shelves?  Since the silo fire I worry that I will make the wrong thing. It may be one of the last pieces of the silo left and I don’t want to mess it up.