things I find in the river

IMG_20140709_121500The other day I spent the afternoon prepping some pieces I found in the river for a new life as table legs. A couple of months ago walking home from work I found three pieces of wood that were nailed together to form a header or a sistered joist. The wood was about 10′ long. Nailing all the pieces together created a chunk of wood about 6′ thick. I have been on a quest for strong table legs and decided that it was time to start taking IMG_20140709_132312this monstrosity apart. It took a crow bar, a hammer and a rubber mallet to get it all separated. After that I was left with three pieces of wood with dozens of long rusty nails sticking out. I was able to get all the nails out but two. The two stragglers were on an end and had bent to a 90 degree angle and that made it hard to free enough of the nail head to rip it out with either the hammer or the crow bar. I cut the wood into 17”sections and will use them as the legs on my next scrap wood table. They are heavy enough to balance out the weight of the top and I like the worn look.