Two Tables from the Past

I am still feverishly working on finishing tables 9 10 and 11. I added some trim to the shutter table and I should be able to apply poly tonight. It has been super humid lately and everything is taking longer to dry.  The scrap-wood end table has legs now and needs a good sanding and I hope to poly or lacquer that tonight as well. I am still playing around with the toboggan table too. I stained it and it looks cool. Since I have no new pictures I thought I would share a few more tables from the past.

Scrap-wood Sofa TableThis is a sofa table that i made this winter. i brought it into the Furniture Barn in February and it sold a few hours later. This is the first table that I incorporated painted pieces into the scrap wood design and I really liked it. The base came from my aunt and uncle. It was held together with very small finishing nails so I reinforced it with dowels.  Barn Board Coffee tableThe next picture is is a coffee table that I made sometime in the fall of 2012. I wasn’t happy with it and I had to fill a lot of gaps after construction. In fact making this table changed the way way I dry fit and construct the scrap-wood mosaic tables.   I brought it in the store in May. It sold at the end of May so now it has a good home and I don’t have to look at it anymore.