Wooden Wall Hanging


wall hanging 1 formerly a table ,briefly a shelf

I have been working on several new projects this week. I am adding a mosaic top to a beat up broken cabinet. I am experimenting with using large 1″ in diameter dowels as table legs. I am also   designing and building smaller mosaic pieces that I plan to sell as wall hangings. I have an etsy store now and I need to have some items that are not too complicated or too expensive to ship. Making wall art seemed to be the the way to go.


small table top

I am working on  3 scrap wood wall hangings, 2 scrap wood tables, and 1 cabinet.. The first piece ready for sale has black trim and is a mixture of wood sources. It’s rectangular, measures 37″x12.5″ and can be hung vertically or horizontally. The second wall hanging is a mixture of painted and unpainted wood  It is almost square and is approximately 11″x15″. It has a razor hanger on

top for a cabinet

top for a cabinet

the back and is available for purchase  The last  mosaic  is made of natural unpainted wood. The mosaic is,constructed from pine, walnut,maple,mahogany,oak and poplar. I need to pick out and attach edge trim and apply varnish. I may use the last piece as a door for a small cabinet. The possibilities are endless.